We offer a wide range of corporate services and sincerely believe that our services can help you in each stage of you growing business. You can refer to our price list as below to gain an insight of our charges:

DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
Registration of a company in Singapore
(Free 12 months secretary retainer fees)
Provision of a company secretaryS$960*Yearly
Provision of a registered office addressS$360Yearly
Provision of a nominee directorS$2,500Yearly
Provision of a nominee shareholderS$1,200Yearly
Company strike off
(Zero-rised accounts prepared by client)
Company strike off
(Zero-rised accounts inclussive)


Only applicable to companies that (1) do not have ultimate beneficiary who is (or related to) a Political Exposed Person (PEP) and (2) do not have complex shareholding structure.

DescriptionsOur Fee Frequency
Dormant companiesS$300Yearly
Low volume transactionsS$800 – S$1,000Yearly
Medium volume transactionsS$2,000 – S$2,500Yearly
High volume transactionsS$3,000 onwardsYearly
Low volume transactionsS$500 – S$700Quarterly
Medium volume transactionsS$1,100 – S$1,300Quarterly
High volume transactionsS$1,500 onwardsQuarterly
Low volume transactionsS$200 – S$300Monthly
Medium volume transactionsS$400 – S$600Monthly
High volume transactionsS$800 onwardsMonthly
Monthly (with Operational Support*)
Low volume transactions S$800 – S$1,200Monthly
Medium volume transactions S$1,300 – S$2,500Monthly


Operational support includes sending our staff to your office to assist you in issuing invoices, cheques, petty cash claims and proper filing.

DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
Monthly payroll retainerS$200Monthly
Monthly payroll processing feeS$10Per Person
IR21 (Manual or e-submission)S$100Per Person
IR8A pre-sealed envelopeS$20Per IR8A envelope
Auto-Inclusion Scheme filingS$20Per person
Work Pass / Permit
CPF Account SetupS$200One-off
EPOL / WPOL Account SetupS$200One-off
DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
Compilation report if the company is dormantS$300Yearly
Compilation report with small to medium structureS$700Yearly
Compilation report with complicated structureS$1,000 onwardsYearly
Consolidated Compilation reportS$1,800 onwardsYearly
DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
Auditing of small company with low volume transactionS$1,800 – S$2,500Yearly
Auditing of with medium volume transactionS$3,000 – S$6,000Yearly
Auditing with large volume transactionsS$6,000 onwardsYearly
DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
For voluntary GST registration for newly startup companiesS$400One-off
For compulsory GST registration as per GST regulationsS$300One-off
GST quarterly return – low volume transactionsS$150Quarterly
GST quarterly return – medium volume transactionsS$250Quarterly
GST quarterly return – high volume transactionsS$350Quarterly
DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
ECI submission FOC Yearly
Form C (depends on complexity of transactions)S$700 – S$1,200Yearly
Form C–S (depends on complexity of transactions)S$700Yearly
Withholding tax filingS$200Per filing
DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
For personal tax fillingS$500 – S$800Yearly
DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
Simplified XBRLS$250Yearly
Full XBRL – low volume transactionsS$500Yearly
Full XBRL – medium volume transactionsS$600Yearly
Full XBRL – high volume transactionsS$700Yearly

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