Find out how to get Free Accounting Services with FWA Grant

Do you know it is possible to engage an accounting firm in Singapore for accounting services at no cost? If there could be a situation where you enjoyed a supportive accounting service but someone else is paying for the bill for you, why miss out this opportunity? Read on to find out more!

Back Office Consulting offers accounting services for your business, allowing you to spend more time on working towards your business goals. Instead of spending numerous hours checking your accounts, leave it to our team of experienced accountants who will complete the tedious work for you. Engaging the services of a professional accounting company helps you to save on costs of hiring an in-house full time accountant.

Furthermore, with our capable accountants combing through your accounts, you can be assured of the highest level of accuracy. With the detailed report generated, you can analyse the data and look into the financial ratios relevant to your business needs. This allows you to better assess your business’s financial position and aid you in making a more informed decision. The reports are also invaluable for potential investors as it reflects well on your company’s transparency.

For those who are interested in hiring us but having limited budget, you can leverage on possible government grants with our partner’s assistance. In this mutually beneficial arrangement, the incentives granted will offset the costs of our accounting services, in turn, let you enjoy our services at no cost.

One such grant would be the Work-Life Grant supported by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The grant provides funding and incentives to employers who offer flexible work arrangements (FWAs) in their organisation. It consists of 2 components: Developmental Grant and FWA Incentive. If your company can implement work-life strategies like FWAs and sustain such practices in the workplace, you will be eligible to qualify for the grant and receive subsequent payouts. While many SMEs qualify for other government grants, they may still not fulfil the requirements under this application. Therefore, all submissions will be subjected to approval. Whether or not you get the grant, you can expect nothing less than best results to be delivered by Back Office Consulting for your accounting needs.

In spite of the above mentioned, we had many successful applications. Sylvia is one of our satisfied client who benefited from the grant through our assistance. It started off with Sylvia engaging us for accounting services. After learning about the grant, she relied on our expertise and assistance in the process to apply for the government grant. Since Sylvia’s business was qualified for the payouts, the incentives from the grant were used as our payment while we supported her business’s accounting requirements at no additional expenses on her end. She received 12 months of accounting services without incurring any costs. During this period when we helped her, Sylvia’s customer base increased as she has more time to focus on developing her business.

At Back Office Consulting, we strive to provide solutions for our clients to make running the business smoother and easier. By leveraging on Work-Life grant, our accounting services put no financial burden to the business, allowing businesses to optimise their business operations while achieving a greater work-life balance in the organisation.

Contact Back Office Consulting now to find out more information regarding how we can assist you in applying for the grant. With us managing the tedium part of clerical work and providing back-end administrative support, you can focus on achieving your business goals.