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It is always true that getting start right makes your subsequent journey a lot more smoother. This applies to business set up too. If you are considering to get an accounting firm in Singapore to set up a company to run your business, wise choice! The next few questions to ask is, how much share capital should you inject? When should your financial year ends? These are critical questions most overlooked.

Our scope for company incorporation (registration) service includes the below:

  • Conduct company name search
  • Documentation of directors and shareholders’ detail in accordance to ACRA’s KYC procedures
  • Preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Register and incorporate the company with ACRA
  • Preparation of first board meeting
  • Preparation of share certificates
  • Provision of common seal
  • First 12 months free secretary retainer services (Worth S$600 per annum)

Read more to understand about our services and we will let you know how you can benefit by answering these questions when you are ready to start of your journey with us:

Generally speaking, a registered company (can also be called a corporation) is a type of business that will bring out the advantages of being a single owner, including some liability protection and other interesting tax deductions benefits. Registering a company or incorporating your business will also permit you to raise capital by issuing shares of your company.

Back Office Consulting has the specialists to offer you basically a one stop shopping option for all services involved in the incorporation or registration of your new company.  Instead of having to file documents and research the proper steps, we will make sure to guide you in the right direction quickly and efficiently to register your company.  We will get that registration done properly and professionally for you so you can focus on what important: the success of your company.

We can not only help you setup your company from the beginning but also advise you on certain tax implications coming along with it, for example, the type of structure, the optimal timing to close the yearly accounts and so on.  No matter you are a local or foreign individual ready to create this new company, and register your business in Singapore, we can facilitate the whole procedure.

It can obviously be intimating to establish a new corporation and as an individual you will have enough on your mind.  You might want to concentrate your efforts on recruiting staff, resources, and all the other details necessary to startup a company. Let us walk you through the path to follow so you will not forget any important elements of this new and exciting business adventure.

There are many requirements to meet and adhere when you intend to register your company and we know all about it.  Relaying on Back Office Consulting to help you will avoid you making mistakes because of lack of knowledge as legislation plays a big part in this process.

Here are a few essential requirements we are aware of to successfully register a company in Singapore.  It is actually a pretty easy process overall, but needs to be handle with care.  Your company needs to appoint at least one local resident director (Please refer to Nominee director to understand more) and start a company with a minimum paid-up capital of as little of S$1.

Along the way, you will need a copy of Memorandum and Articles of association to complete the process. As part of the process, you need to elect a company secretary and Back Office Consulting can gladly serve you as your company secretary. (Please refer to Corporate Secretarial Services for more information)

Upon signing up for the company registration services, you will get a form to fill in all required information. Our experts will do a proposed company name search and complete the registration with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) within 24 hours, after the all documents and information are properly submitted to us.

As you can tell this is a process where a few mistakes could potentially be made that can cause you headaches and unnecessary expenses. If all is handled well, you can have your startup company within a short 24 hours.

This is where we come in and will save you from any problems along the way and you can rest assure that your company will be up to a good start. Back Office Consulting will be glad to be part of this important journey with you.

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