Client Referral Scheme

Client Referral Scheme

With the aim to help our clients amid the tough economy environment, we are pleased to introduce the Client Referral Scheme that enable our clients to pay for our services using their contacts instead of hard cash.

The referral program enable you to enjoy a 20% rebate based on the bills (excluding disbursements) the referree spent and paid as they utilise our services as below:

For instance, when a referree uses and pays for our services worth S$1,000, you can get S$200 rebate and there is no limit on the number of referree.

That to say, when you refer 5 other friends that use the exact same services, we are effectively offering our services to you free of charge (100%= 20% rebate x 5).

For avoidance of doubt, the rebates are recurring as long as the clients you referred are using our services and paying the bills.

On the flip side, we also give the assurance that the referrees will not pay more for the same services as a result of this scheme as this is a measure we designed to help our clients while we grow our business.

There is no obligation on the referral but an avenue offered that our clients may be able to leverage on.

Terms and conditions

  • The 20% referral fees calculated solely base the fee payment to us (excluding any disbursements) and only valid once the payment is made by the referree.
  • Back Office Consulting (BOC) has absolute discretion on the client’s acceptance and cessation of services to any referred client for whatsoever reason at any point of time.
  • BOC reverses the right to offset any over-rebate of referral fee against future rebates if for whatever reason the rebate previously given becomes invalid.
  • BOC reverses the right to offset any rebate against the outstanding bills for our services.