The Conservatism Concept in Accounting

The Singaporean Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) is substantially similar to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). One way this similarity is exhibited is in the expectation for accountants to observe the conservatism concept. This concept guides providers of accounting services in Singapore, and indeed accounting professionals internationally, to choose the less than optimal estimate when […]


The Role of Accounting In A Financial Crises

Accounting services in Singapore provide information on the financial state of companies and other entities to stakeholders. The information is usually categorised as public information, usually in the form of financial statements and intended for external consumers such as shareholders, lenders, and investors. The second category is private information, intended for management’s use in the […]


Accounting Concepts Used Most in the Financial World

If you are in business in Singapore, no matter the scale of your operations, accounting services are essential for you. In fact, accounting is important to anyone who deals with money whether in employment or in business. Therefore, nearly everyone can benefit from a basic explanation of concepts mostly used in accounting. On a personal […]