Ways Technology is Shaping the Future of Accounting

Technology is changing the way we live and work. New professions have come into being, while traditional professions have also undergone a sea change. Take for instance, the age-old profession of accounting. Technology has transformed this ancient practice into something more dynamic, more interesting and innovative. With new accounting software systems being introduced all the […]


How Accountants Can Help To Reduce Your Uncertainty

Today’s business environment is full of uncertainty. Think about it, from the typical uncertainties of a business such as warranty payoffs, litigations and variations in market conditions, to extended industrial risks such as digital disruption and environmental changes. What is assured is that if you are an entrepreneur in Singapore, part of your daily job […]


How to Ensure You Are Meeting Regulatory Compliance

One of an entrepreneur’s worst nightmares is locking horns with regulatory agencies. It is not only draining to business activity but also causes anxiety amongst staff and dampens the spirits of entrepreneurs. However, regulations are there to ensure fairness and cohesiveness. A successful business is not only prosperous on the financials but also with its […]