Understanding Closing Entries At the end of an accounting period, the bookkeeping firm in Singapore will make some closing entries
Components in Balance Sheet As an entrepreneur who is new to the world of business, do you know that you
Understanding Retained Earnings If you have read a company’s balance sheet before, you might have come across the term “retained
What Does Negative Cash Flow Mean? If a company has negative cash flow, it means that the company has spent
Why Do We Need Cash Flow Statement? Every business needs to generate some crucial financial statements (Also see 4 Things
Why Do We Need the Income Statement? The income statement is a statement that shows all revenue that a company
Preparing the Statement of Cash Flow The statement of cash flow is one of the most important financial statements that
How to Classify Retained Earnings? Retained earnings refer to the net income that the company has accumulated over some time.
Advantages of Performing Continuous Audits A continuous audit (Also see How to Ensure Your Company’s Audit Process Goes Smoothly?) is
Essential Audit Objectives for Payroll Audits Payroll expense refers to the total of all the compensation that a company should
The Importance of Having Internal Audits As a small business owner (Also see 6 Accounting Tips For New Business Owners),
Internal Auditors and Their Roles in Consulting Unlike the auditors who work in the accounting firm in Singapore, the internal

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