Why Human Accountants are Better than Accounting Software

Why Human Accountants are Better than Accounting Software

Although many new and technical software have been introduced for dealing with finances and account keeping, professional accountants still play an essential role in managing financial and other related matters. With the latest technology and software, it has become easier for an accountant to ensure reliability, visibility and accuracy in accounting tasks. Although technology has made accounting tasks relatively accurate, the responsibility of making critical decisions still depends on the accountant.

These are some critical situations where it is beneficial for start-ups and businesses to have an accountant instead of just using a software:

Tax Planning

Rules and regulations about taxation frequently change which can complicate the matters for any business or individual. Apart from frequent changes, there are different rules for individuals and businesses. Certified accountants, public accountants and auditors empower businesses to plan taxation payment details and for filing tax returns. For these processes, they have updated and provided detailed documentation of investment reports, asset valuation, expenses, and deductions.


Over time, various software that provide complex calculations and error-free reports were introduced in the market. The main responsibility of a professional accountant is to ensure that the financial auditing process follows existing financial laws and regulations. Besides that, an auditor of the audit firm helps in maintaining internal control of financial procedures and making sure that the organization’s documents are in accordance to the compliance standards. Most importantly, these professionals help in validating the financial process of individuals and businesses.

Advisory Services

There are several accounting tools that are built using different algorithms. These software generate various reports on financial performance, standardised data and risk assessments that simplify financial and investment decisions. A professional accountant would be able to provide with different ways to optimize and improve financial goals. They would also be able to provide consultation and advisory sessions. Furthermore, businessmen prefer to get advice from a professional with years of experience, rather than a software-generated report.

Managing finances and payments

You can easily use various software programs for monitoring and tracking payments, whether they are receipts or receivables. The actual responsibility of approving tasks like managing invoices whether they are paid or unpaid, receiving payments, making payments, financial transactions, credits and billings are of an accountant. A professional accountant either performs this operation on a daily basis or outsources it to other department heads to perform and ensure that they are done in a timely manner. A valuable investment would be to enlist the aid of accounting services in Singapore.

Bootstrapping for start-ups and businesses

To start a business, it is essential to have financial capital. For this, it is important to approach investors or banks, and make predictions about revenues to set-up a business and keep it running. Till now, no software has been introduced to be able to perform inception activities for a business or a start-up program.

Aside the above-mentioned benefits, accountants also help in setting financial and business goals, managing cash flow, training other employees and hiring new talent for the business.

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