Tips for Small Businesses to Hire Accountants

Tips for Small Businesses to Hire Accountants

Small businesses that hire accounting services in Singapore need to put all information in the form of ledgers, balance sheets and statements. There is a lot of numerical data that needs adjusting which means hiring an accountant is the right way to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Inaccurate data or variables may cause your profits to deviate and a loss may be incurred. However, more often than not, small businesses try and do the accounting themselves which is a mistake since it takes up a lot of effort, time and money.

Here are some useful tips to hire the right person for your agency.


There is a lot more to accountancy than just crunching some numbers on the excel sheet. Make sure you are hiring the person who has core knowledge of the field. The person should be judged on the basis of theoretical and practical experience. Your accountant should be able to understand your business approach. Conduct a proper interview. Present a practical situation to your interviewee. Judge him/her on how they tackle the situation and their background knowledge too. Your accountant should be aware of computerized accounting systems including excel.

Cooperation and Communication

A company’s auditor needs to balance all accounts. An auditor can do so by keeping a check on all the payables and receivables, sheets and reports and must be able to cooperate with the staff and the head of the department. With proper communication and character, annual reports on a daily basis can only be prepared. Communication and persuasiveness are key factors that can help an accountant and the department to flourish.

What you need

Before hiring an accountant (Also see Top Signs You Need To Hire a Tax Accountant), you should make a rough outline of what you’ll require on a daily basis. Since you are starting fresh, you will require ledgers and balance sheets. Your annual reports will start after you start processing your invoices for retail. Ensure that there will not be mistakes made and you would not have to look over every detail.

Constant Check

Look for accountants that are responsible and keep a constant check on your inventory and stock. Look for a serious and dedicated fellow who will adhere to all your financial needs and your accountant on probation and observe his/her abilities. Talk over tax compliance and tax burden. Make sure you and your accountant come to a mutual agreement on all matters associated to your financial situation.

Make the Most of your Relationship

Create a friendly environment in your business area. Bridge the gap between yourself and your accountant. It is important that he/she discusses the important matters with you without hesitation. Avoid fussing over minimal losses as businesses do not flourish overnight. Offer a reasonable salary and make the best of your time with your accountant.

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