5 Ways Accounting Firms Can Meet Clients’ Expectations

5 Ways Accounting Firms Can Meet Clients’ Expectations

Today’s clients are more sophisticated and proactive than ever before. They seek advice about both their individual and business taxes. They also are looking to be informed about the latest happenings in their industry. Simply put, today’s accounting firms just can’t sit tight and do their client’s taxes. They have to keep in touch with the industry, something that the best accounting services in Singapore do all-year-round (Also see 4 Practices All Successful Accounting Firms Follow).

But the added burden this adds to smaller firms is no joke. Already probably shorthanded and without a wide array of available specialists on call, gaining client loyalty by providing excellent customer service is nearly impossible for them. However, they can start by making customising the client experience and making it more personal.

Here’s how they can do exactly that:

Ask Questions

Don’t think that you know what your client needs. Ask them about it. Instead of making it all about your firm and your services, encourage your clients to share what’s currently going on in their lives or businesses, as well as what they think about current trends and how they affect their business as a whole. In doing so, not only do you let them vent, but you also get a better idea about what they need, which will help you focus on them.

Make the little things count

You get paid to do your work. What you don’t get paid for are the times that you helped them in a hurry, like returning a phone call during a Holiday, or helping out free of charge. These are small things that require a bit of extra effort but go a long way in satisfying your clients.

If you’re willing to go another mile, sending your clients holiday cards or gifts whenever they reach a goal, or sending them a letter during a wedding, a birthday, or when their child is graduating, as well as condolences during difficult times are all great as well.

Automate, But Do Not Overdo

Automation is supposed to make your life and that of your clients’ easier. Everything, from your website’s client portal, to your actual website, should all be made with user-friendliness in mind. This comes without saying that every part of your website should be working properly as well. Also, if you plan on communicating with your clients via electronic newsletters, try not to overload them with information.

Meet Your Clients Halfway

And by this, we mean not to always have them come to your office, but you go to theirs. Yes, it’s a hassle and an added expense, but there’s a reason why firms that offer the best accounting services Singapore do it: it works. Of course, this isn’t for every client, and you need to be careful before suggesting a meeting venue outside of your office. Sometimes, clients can be so busy that the only way to get things going is to visit them in their office.

Remember, the key to retaining clients is personalising the experience.

Get in Touch

Waiting for clients to call you, literally, is old school. Client loyalty is earned and you earn it by touching base with them often, not the other way around. Keep dates free for you to call in to remind them of information related to taxes, make them feel important and that you are trying to look out for them.

As a smaller firm, your best weapon against bigger firms is that you can afford to make the entire experience personal. You may lack the wide array of specialised services that bigger firms offer, but you do understand and care about your individual clients, which should be a strong sticking point for you.

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