3 Things Bookkeepers Should Stop Saying

3 Things Bookkeepers Should Stop Saying

Have you ever realized that sometimes you create negative habits verbally? If you like saying some words and sentences that deflate your self-esteem or make you look disgruntled in front of your colleagues, you got to stop.

Note that if you vastly underestimate yourself, the thoughts you have can become habits just like the things you do. Therefore, if you want to remain a professional in providing accounting services in Singapore and maintain an efficient bookkeeping system in your business, then, never say these things:

I’m busy

When it comes to bookkeeping, every transaction entry counts, and you should never say that you are too busy to record transactions. Sometimes “I’m busy” or “things are crazy” seems to have become the standard response to the question “how are you.”

No matter how much work requires your attentions, things shouldn’t get too crazy, or you become too busy to record transactions as well as attending to other bookkeeping activities. Note that business records are extremely important as they offer information that is useful in accounting and the preparation of financial statements, decision-making, and planning (Also see How Poor Managerial Accounting Can Affect Small Firms).

I hate…

Though you may hate a lot of stuff, let bookkeeping be an exception. Doing something you hate results in a bad performance and when it comes to bookkeeping, poor performance is accompanied by far-reaching consequences.

I’m so stupid

If you are a bookkeeper and confess that you are so stupid, who will trust your bookkeeping system and the financial reports? Note that bookkeeping is among the most important elements that make the core of a business and should not be handled by someone who doesn’t know what he is doing (Also see Common Accounting Mistakes and How to fix them).

Therefore, you need to replace such a phrase with something that can build self-confidence and knowledge of bookkeeping. Otherwise, you will find yourself you have become so thick in the head when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting functions. This will result in the downfall of what you have been building (Also see 6 Essential Bookkeeping Tips For Small Businesses).


Bookkeeping goes beyond just recording transactions in the business books. It influences the way we perceive issues and handle them. With that, our habits can also affect how we perform in bookkeeping. Avoiding saying the above things will help you to become more conscious of what you say and improve your communication skills. Being professional in bookkeeping goes beyond recording transactions effectively; it touches on the positive and accurate way of describing what you are doing (Also see Check these when Reading Financial Statements).

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